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Meet Los Angeles' Psychiatrist, Motivational Speaker, & Best-Selling Self-Help Author: Dr. Walter E. Jacobson

Dr. Walter E. Jacobson is a Los Angeles-based psychiatrist, motivational speaker, and best-selling author. In this sense, Dr. Jacobson provides therapy that goes beyond the couch with his Mastery of Life mentorship via speaking engagements and books. He focuses on informing clients on how to neutralize their negative thinking by focusing on positive thoughts. Dr. Jacobson has gained a reputation for direct, to-the-point therapy that carries over into all aspects of his Mastery of Life mentorship.

While Dr. Jacobson is an accomplished therapist and psychiatrist, he has increased his focus area to beyond just his patients. He believes that with his practical, spiritual approach, anyone can make needed changes in their lives. That is why Dr. Walter Jacobson wrote the best-selling book Forgive to Win!, maintains a regular video series on YouTube , maintains a regular video series on YouTube, and is also available for motivational speaking engagements.

Dr. Walter Jacobson

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The Dr. Jacobson Approach

Dr. Walter Jacobson believes that positive thoughts lead to positive feelings and outcomes. These outcomes lead to happiness in life, instituting a recursive cycle of positivity. The crucial component is learning the art of forgiveness to help avoid self-sabotaging behaviors.

With this approach, Dr. Jacobson believes it is more than possible to eliminate fear thoughts and catastrophic thinking, regulate emotions and anxieties, and effectively communicate so that patients’ needs can be met.

How the Best-Selling Author of Forgive to Win! Can Help You Change Your Life

Forgive to Win! was written by Dr. Walter E. Jacobson, a psychiatrist, motivational speaker, and self-help author. He helps and teaches people that acceptance, forgiveness, love, and being of service to others are critical factors in living a life free of self-sabotage. Other life coaches and mentors praise the book for its directness and clarity and recognize it as a transformational book. Allow the teachings of Dr. Jacobson to help you and the others around you reach their ideal self. Get in touch with Dr. Jacobson to schedule a speaking engagement or purchase his book today.