Cognitive Tools and Spiritual Techniques for Happiness, Well-Being, and Material Success

Be Happy Now. Be Joyous On Your Life Path.

Many of us have goals we are working towards and we put off our happiness until the day when we accomplish them, when the world favors us with success and blessings. This is a mistake. Best to spend every day discovering and sharing our Inner Joy with others. Best to find joy and meaning in our lives every day in our transactions with the world and our fellow travelers. Then — if we achieve our goals, the success and blessings are icing on the cake. If we don’t achieve our goals, we haven’t wasted our lives being depressed, anxious, angry and frustrated waiting for the future to reward us and make us happy. Happiness is a choice regardless of what is going on all around us. Happiness is not dependent on positive outcomes in our lives. Happiness is dependent on our attitude, our gratitude, our perspective, our acceptance AND our forgiveness. Be happy now.