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Do You Ask Yourself Every Morning “What’s My Motivation?”

Have you thought lately, if ever, about what you’re doing here on the planet? What your purpose is? What your mission is? Or is that a bunch of hogwash? The idea that we have some higher purpose or mission. We’re here. Like lizards. We live, we die. Ashes to ashes. Or we’re here to prove how great we are and how much money we can make or how many bridges we can build that don’t fall down. Is that it? Whatever it is, have you thought lately what your motivation is for getting up each morning and spending your time? What your priorities are each day that will get you where you think you want to go? Have you thought maybe this entire experience, this reality is an illusion, a mind game all designed as a distraction devised by our collective unconscious to delude us into believing we are bodies and victims of a chaotic universe so that we don’t take the time to discover our true Self and who we truly are? If this is true, then perhaps our mission and are goals aren’t what we think they are or should be. Who has the answer to these questions? Anybody know for sure what is really going on here? Maybe each of us does. Deep down. In the recesses of our calm mind, our stillness, perhaps we know the answer that we are not bodies, not we are part of the Light, part of the Love, part of the Oneness of All That is? Food for thought.