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Where Have All The Flowers Gone? A Different Climate Change Perspective

Superman and Batman used to be full of light, love and hope. Now they are full of rage, inner demons and darkness. Miley Cyrus used to be an adorable kid on a family show. Now she takes selfies of her hand down her boyfriend’s pants. Shadow government Agents Clapper and Brennan lied to Congress and the American people. Now they are esteemed pundits on CNN telling us what to believe and think.

Cartoons used to be short subjects before movies. Now they are a mainstay of our movies. Most movies used to be about ethics, ideals and the human condition. Now they are largely about shooting people, blowing things up, and car chases. Video games used to be about playing ping-pong. Now they’re about cutting peoples’ heads off. Social interaction used to be about civility and respect. Now it’s about who can hurl the biggest insult on anti-social media.

People have become angrier, uglier, more vulgar and judgmental than ever before, and that includes all the “woke” hypocrites who don’t have a clue about forgiveness, acceptance and love, the Holy Trinity of true wokeness. Point being: If climate change doesn’t cause mass extinction, we will eventually kill each other. Love ye one another, people, before it’s too late.