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Panic Attacks Due to a Feud Between Daughter and Husband

When a patient asked me how to deal with panic attacks that were caused by a feud between her husband and her daughter that was pulling her part, she asked me if I could help. Essentially, my advice was to disengage from the process, to set a boundary with both of them that this is their problem and they need to resolve it without drawing you into it and forcing you to take sides or be a go-between. Watch the video for my entire response.… read more

How Do You Know If You're Woke?

To be "woke" is to engage in acceptance, tolerance, forgiveness, compassion and honest communication with everyone, without conditions and without exceptions. We treat everyone as we wish to be treated. We do not engage in judging, blaming, shaming, guilting, attacking or demonizing, regardless of how they are behaving. Becoming woke is a spiritual awakening. It is mindfulness. It is personal growth. It is a commitment to unconditional love.… read more